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Joseph O'Connell Featured on KXCI's Artistories Podcast

KXCI Radio is a diverse, independent, and community-based radio station serving Tucson and Southern Arizona. KXCI produces Artistories, a mini-program and podcast that focuses on connecting its audience to the people who are creating arts and cultural experiences in Southern Arizona. The episode is available to listen to here, as well as on most podcast streaming platforms.

Listen to the interview below!

"In this episode, Woods Fairchild has a conversation with Joseph O’Connell – Artist, Innovator, Founder, and Owner of Creative Machines. Joseph takes us back in time and shares how his upbringing in a creative and “maker household” set the foundation for a life and career as an artist and innovator. He discusses the founding of his company, Creative Machines, and how he got his start creating interactive exhibitions for museums. We learn how the Arts Foundation, formally known as TPAC, helped set the foundation for his launch into the world of public art."

You can also listen directly from Artistories at this link, or on any of your favorite podcast platforms.


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