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Sculptural Artwork for Rooftops

I recently had a chance to create art for a rooftop garden in an urban setting. It was a dense site and required thinking carefully about placement, sight lines and the creative ways people could interact with the piece. I wanted the sculpture to be appealing and engaging from multiple perspectives and to 'work' for all varieties of audiences - people who are very physically active as well as those who experience the piece visually. Here are some early renderings and eventually photos of the finished pieces.

My goal for the Kendall Square Rooftop Garden in Cambridge, MA, was to create something that gives joy to all visitors - literally. Ultimately, our design was a colorful celebration of joy and light that can be enjoyed from afar or from up close . The artwork invites visitors to pose for photos, sit inside its curves, or simply stroll through it. An array of color-changing LED lights imbedded within the tubing illuminate both the heart-shaped section of this sculpture series, as well as the word "JOY" that is made up of cleverly-curved tubing. The LED lights cascade throughout the sculptures in an array of colorfully programmed sequences. Here are some renderings of the completed design, titled Find Joy, as well some photos from the Creative Machines workshop and the final install.


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