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Calgary, Alberta, Canada




28' x 15' 


steel, acrylic, LED lighting, electronics, touch sensors


City of Calgary

An enormous undulating translucent ring of ethereal color stands on three legs, equal parts mechanical and organic. Inspired by the similarly-named weather phenomenon that periodically blankets the local Alberta sky, this work engages with viewers through various forms of amorphous boundaries in form, color, sound, and light. Moving in, out, and around the form all while having the ability to delicately manipulate the lighting conditions encourages viewers to explore their own relationships with color and space. Occupying the inside of the work also provides for a unique separation from the hustle and bustle of the city, limiting the viewer’s perspective to the sky above and creating a sonic micro-environment.


Chinook Arc is programmed with hours of light programs related to seasons. It also contains a unique sensor that allows visitors to control the lighting by waving their hands, objects, and videos on their cell phones.

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