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multiple locations


2014 - present


6' diameter


powder-coated aluminum, acrylic, LED lighting, touch-sensitive electronics

SeedPod is an interactive artwork inspired by abstract plant and animal life forms. A clean exterior pod form belies the internal complexity of the organic shapes inside the sphere. Two openings on either end invite viewers to peer into the artwork and discover the visual wonder inside.

During the day, SeedPod is a pure white form while at night the acrylic glows with vibrant colors. By touching a special button, viewers can alter the color of the lighting and explore the feelings they associate with different hues. The piece has been featured at Glow Festival in Oracle, AZ, Chalk the Block in El Paso, TX, the All Soul’s Procession in Tucson, AZ, Canal Convergence in Scottsdale, AZ, the Spark! festival in Mesa, AZ.

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