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Lubbock, TX




(Large) 21’ diameter, (Medium) 8’ diameter, (Small) 6’ diameter, (Chandeliers) 5’ diameter – 7 total


laser cut stainless steel,
LED lighting, touch button, electronics


Campos Verde, LLC

Five star-shaped elements progressively emerge out of the courtyard of the West Village Campus at Texas Tech University while two additional elements hang in nearby archways, exploring new morphologies of the five-pointed star omnipresent across Texas. The sculptures in the courtyard explore stellated dodecahedron geometry in different stages of development rising out of the ground. In archways of the adjacent building, fully emerged stars rise well above the viewer.

The stars are perforated with unique 2D patterns abstractly representing the university’s values, achievements, and traditions. Each one contains a secret element for visitors to discover and pass on to younger students. At night, intense and gently color-changing lights project these intricate and playful patterns onto viewers and the environment, enveloping them as extensions of a greater community and blurring the line between artwork and environment.

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